8130 Sozopol
Street Odessa 28

phone: +359 899 12 1971


Hunting is done in the Strandscha mountain, in the town of Sozopol, lied 35 km south of Burgas.
The hunting farms are located near Sozopol, Ropotamo and Gramatikovo.
Here you can find following game: woodcock, quail, deer, roe, moufflon, wild boar, fallow deer. You can hunt big game on ambush or battue.
The hunting is professionally organized with good guides, who know the hunting terrain very well.
The best period for hunting of woodcock is from 1st November to 28th February.
The season for hunting of quail starts on 1st September and is until 30th October.

  • Booking shall be done three months before arriving date.
  • At arriving you will receive a Bulgarian hunting permission.
  • Hunting of woodcock and quail includes 5 nights and 4 hunting days.
  • The optimum price can be reached for a group of 4-5 hunters. 30% down payment shall be paid at date of application; we accept payment through credit card.